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Ancienne Ambience Colonia Seven VII: Pink Grapefruit, Blood Orange & Musk EDP 100ml.

Hello fellow beauty addicts,

My first post in a long time as I have been very under the weather. Anyhoo onwards and upwards!!

Ancienne Ambience was created by Adriana Carlucci with just 6 candles and a small jewellery collection, how amazing is that?Antonia’s family have dealt in ancient art/antiquities for generations and she created her products to compliment the offerings of the gallery. She created luxury goods with an ancient theme and oh boy has she done it very well.

COLOGONE EDP – Uplifting, zesty, cooling: They feature a whoosh of notes like lemon, bergamot, orange, grapefruit, mandarin. (These notes are also slightly randomly referred to as being ‘hesperidic’ – after the Hesperides, the nymphs from Greek mythology!) Fresh fragrances smell clean, and usually come in the eau de toilette and Cologne versions.

This stunning fragrance from Ancienne Ambience has been keeping me fresh & uplifted all summer. I use it on a daily basis because it is that morning burst of the grapefruit effervescence that helps wake you up and get your mind and body going.

Then the lovely warming blood orange comes through as it starts to soften with the hint of must that keeps this fragrance making you feel fresh all day. Some citrus fragrances fade very fast. I found this to have legs and staying power.

When settled this smells of a beautiful sweet lemon, warm blood orange and a hint of musk, absolutely beautiful and something you keep smelling. I had myself spritzed from head to toe in this fragrance and it made me feel fabulously fresh all day.

It would also be a wonderful fragrance to take on holiday as it is beautiful day or night and really does give you that air of confidence that you are beautifully scented from head to toe!

I am a bit biased when it comes to Ancienne Ambience as I have been in love with it for years. Their soaps are so good too. I love the Almond milk & Rose. The Rose Pure Floral Water which I keep in the fridge, is a natural hydrolat, skin loves it .. Wonderful for a pure tropical moment or just out of the shower on a hot day all over!

The Damask Rose Hand & Bodywash is divine too, it leaves your hands beautifully & lightly scented. Paraben, sls & cruelty free the products are non drying and gentle on skin. It is absolutely beautiful. I would like to try the other hand and body washes but I cannot get past this one, I am on my third!

They are such a beautiful brand, everything smells amazing including your parcel from them, they just make you feel really special and you know you are getting that quality, you can feel and sense it …..

If you are interested in taking a look at the new fragrances by Ancienne Ambience you can find them here along with their other products. .. NICOLA10 gets you 10% off and there is free worldwide shipping –Ancienne Ambiance

Bye for now folks

Nicola x

The Library of Fragrance Gingerbread Cologne is dark, Sexy and Utterly delicious!!

Hey fellow beauty lovers!

The Library Of Fragrance is not just any old perfume company. Since 1996 they have been producing well known scents that surround us in our everyday lives, scents that we know and love and that bring memories, love and comfort into our lives.

A lot of the fragrances are single notes, so that you can mix and match to find your own unique blend, that is true to you and you can make up your scent to suit your mood. I have tried a few of these fragrances now and have found them so true to scent it is unreal.

The Snozzberries taste just like Snozzberries! to quote Willy Wonka!

I have tried Sea Salt, a real favourite…living by the sea, it is a scent of home, so I love to wear it. I have also tried Pina Colada and I just wanted to drink it lol .. it was so fresh, fruity and creamy.


The scent I chose this time is Gingerbread, because I just love that warming, sweet, caramely, rich, deep, sexy scent .. it is just pure heaven! Ah I could eat my arm off it is so delicious! It gives me a sense of self and real comfort too, as it is a fragrance I have known all my life, as my father was a master baker and fresh baked gingerbread was my favourite.

The scent is so true to life, it is mouth watering and everyone has asked me what it is I am wearing, as they get a whiff of the delicious, spicy scent. I definitely chose the right scent for me!

Another scent I feel some of my friends will love is Gin & Tonic, as it is such a fresh, clean fragrance and again very true to what a real gin and tonic smells like.

No matter what memories or fragrances you want to find, The Library of Fragrance should have whatever it is you are looking for .. you can check out some of the scents on offer with this month’s Libbie Club offers here

There is Vanilla Ice Cream, Gin & Tonic, Baby Powder and Fresh Laundry to name a few ..and they are totally true to their names which I love. So if you find one you like, then why not give it a go? See for yourself and surround yourself in a scent you love, that fills you with happy memories, because that is what the Library of Fragrance can do for you!

Bye for now

Nicola x

Just What is the Libbie Club and How Does It All Work?

Hey everyone,

Today I would like to explain what the Libbie Club is and how it works. I have been with it from the very start and I find them really easy to be a part of.

The Libbie Club is a part of Latest In Beauty and You Beauty Box who have brought us some of the best Beauty Boxes there are. LIB is a no subscription box ..they bring us hot trendy boxes if and when they have them and You Beauty offers us a subscription alternative which I love as I can always see the value in these boxes and they bring me fresh, exciting and new skincare.


So the Libbie Club is their Boutique where they sell high end full sized products and as a Libbie I take the offers and share them around friends, family and fellow skincare and beauty junkies …and that is it really!

You get to really learn about the products and what makes that individual item special, sometimes an insight from the brand as to what makes it tick and I love that sort of thing. I love learning about my skincare and what is in it.

If you convert a sale (you can make a purchase yourself if not) then you get the next month’s box free to review and share and that is basically how it all works. Of course you need to be putting some effort into this and sharing the word but I find everyone in the LC very warm and happy to help with any problems.


Sophie our Chief Libbie is very approachable, warm and helpful and she is all hands on deck everywhere! She must get it crazy some days lol!

A word on the products. Anything I have had from the Libbie Club has always been really good quality. There is a lean towards natural, organic, cruelty free products and that suits me just fine. I think people are learning a lot more online that these products are the best way to go.

So that is it… simple, easy to do and if you do it right it will reward you back. There is no hard sell here but knowing your products and being able to answer questions gives others who are buying confidence in the products which I think helps a lot.


There is a small deposit to pay on your first box but the box is always worth a lot more than that, of course months and value vary but once you have paid this and converted a sale then your next box is free and so forth…

I have truly loved trying all the products that have been sent to me by the Libbie Club and I have found some remarkable products that are now staples in my make up & skincare stash.

If you want to take a look at the Libbie Club or some of it’s offers you can find it all here


Bye for now folks

Nicola x


Neom Scent To Sleep Is Pure Bliss!


Hello beauties,

It has been a few years since I used the Neom Tranquillity range and looking back now they have really upped their game. Not only in their amazing fragrances, but in the packaging, everything about it feels luxurious and special.


When they launched their new hand balms I knew I had to get the Nourish, Breathe & Sleep balm because I am aware that when we get into bed, most of us have our hands close to our faces so the freshly warmed oils are directly inhaled.I was rubbing my bath oil on my wrists and using pillow sprays that my skin just didn’t like.

I have severe sleep issues and have tried anything and everything. I have ME & Fibromyalgia plus a bad back injury that makes getting into bed a real ordeal and some quality sleep a near impossible feat to achieve.

So what looks like a nice plumped up fluffy bed to most, feels like a bed of rocks and nails to me. So over the years there is not much I haven’t tried, including some pretty strong funky herbal teas, but I always persevere in hope ..but when my brain decides it isn’t going to sleep then nothing will make it happen!


But at the moment I am sleeping  much  better than ever with Nourish, Breathe & Sleep balm on my hands and some Tranquillity Intensive Deep Sleep treatment on my wrists and pulse points. Both these products have a blend of 19 of the purest essential oils including English Lavender, Sweet Basil, Jasmine and there is definitely a beautiful wild mint in there too making it beautiful and mellow.

The fragrance really does relax me and send me off into a heavenly deep sleep and as a bad sleeper that is saying something!

I am having such a love affair with this fragrance right now, not just because the scent is heavenly, but because the blend of oils really does help me to get off to sleep. I should add here that the hand balm is a night-time intensive hand treatment too.


Neom are promoting a good nights sleep through all of September.#sleepwithneom and it really is worth having a read and taking a look at their special offer. They are giving away with ANY purchase, a Tranquillity Intensive Deep Sleep fragrance roll on (lasts ages) and a Body Slim Clean & Lean Serenity shake with vitamins and herbs to help you sleep, lower anxiety levels and burn fat!! (yessss it deserves it’s very own blog post for sure) and it is chocolate flavoured .. hello!

The price of a good nights sleep is indeed priceless and I have had so many nights where I would have sold my soul for some sleep. Neom does cost that little bit more, but in my book right now it has been worth every penny and quite affordable .. My Tranquillity Intensive Deep Sleep Treatment  is £8 and my Nourish, breathe & Sleep Balm £15 and both will last me about 6 weeks …to me that is a high valued bargain and I will be back for lots more as I truly love it!


So this Sleeptember  grab yourself some beautiful slumber  with Neom worth £10 with any purchase with code SLEEPGIFT 

Bye for now folks

Nicola x

Perfume Society .. Hidden Treasures!

Hello everyone,



This has to be my favourite fine fragrance box from Perfume Society yet! I love every Fine Fragrance in this box, I really do.



The fragrances in this box are all unisex so if you don’t fancy one you can pass it on to your other half 🙂 (not a chance of that happening here with these)

oudh wood A (2)

Well for a start I have a real passion for Oudh, a small vial of pure Oudh can sell for thousands and thousands of pounds and it just has an expensive, luxury sent that I want to keep smelling and smelling, beautiful!



I will quickly review  the scents in the box as you get a lot for your money! I am a member of the Perfume Society so I get these amazing boxes for £10 delivered … I have learnt so much from them plus I get to try lots of niche and artisan scents I probably would not have tried in my lifetime!


Ok First up is Jean Patou, Joy Forever(£68 for 30ml)  and it is from the Floral Fragrance Family: This is an update on the original Joy fragrance invented in 1929 which then and even now took the world by storm. It is a perfect scent for a summers day and it wears really well, long lasting. With top notes of Bergamont, Mandarin, Malbanum, Heart notes of Rose and Jasmine (this is what i really pick up in this fragrance) and woody base notes including Sandalwood, Cedarwood, amber and White Musk.


Illuminum  Vetiver Oudh (£150 for 100ml) Fragrance Family: Woody. I did not think I was a fan of woody scents but it turns out I am(adore them)  I just do not like really dry woody scents very much. With a top note of Sicilian Bergamont, Heart notes of Madagascan and Javanese Vetiver, myrrh and base notes of Patchoui and Madras Oudh. The ingredients in this scent may be more simple than some of the others but it does not make it any less of a truly sensual fragrance, moreish!



Fortnum and Mason 1707 Noir (full size £145 for 50ml) Fragrance Family: Woody this is a warm, softly spiced with top notes of Grapefruit, Pink Berries, Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cumin, Heart notes of Oudh, Rose, Saffron and Cashmere, with base notes of White Musk, Amber, Vanilla and Sandalwood. It does smell exotic but in a very soft way. It feels like a luxurious but very comforting scent, very mellow.


Penhaligon’s Malabah,(£75 for 50ml)  Fragrance Family: Oriental. Penhaligons take  fragrances and create so many complex  blends that give a fragrance so many layers. I have yet to not like one of their fragrances and as they day goes on they reveal more layers and depth to the scent and Malabah does not dissapoint! With top notes of Lemon, Earl Grey tea and corriander leaf, Heart notes of ginger, nutmeg, cardamon, rose, orris and base notes of sweet amber, sandalwood and musk. The longer I wear this fragrance the more sensual and sexier it smells on my skin ..


Van Cleef & Arpels Precious Oud (£126 for 75ml) Fragrance Family Woody .. ahhhhhhhh heavenly! Inoxicating but not over powering! Top notes of Bergamont, Pink Peppercorn, Heart note of Jasmine, Tuberose, Base notes of Oud, Patchoula, Sandalwooj, Vetiver and amber. Soft, sensual, addictive, beautiful <3.


Atelier Cologne Santal Carmin,(£200 for 100ml) Fragrance Family: Woody. This cologne has an 18% concerntration of raw oils making it a potent and long lasting heady scent for the senses and the skin. The longer you wear it  the deeper and more sensous the fragrance becomes. Top notes of Bergamont, Limette, Saffron, Base notes of Caledonian Sandalwood, gaiac wood (no idea), white musk, Base notes of Papyrus, cedar wood and vanilla. Very warming and this one I would possible give to a male friend just so i could sit and sniff it off them 🙂


Bex London SW1X (£98 for 100ml) Fragrance Family: Chypre SW1X is the posh London prefix for everything lush and expensive and this perfume is designed to reflect that. It is a complex blend of fragrances that are very luxurious, again warming because of the spices and exotic with the absolutes and oils. It has Top notes of Lemon, Bergamont, Mandarin, Basil, Pink Pepper, Heart notes of Clove, Rose, Saffron, Muguet, Frankincense, Jasmine, Myrrh, Osmanthus and err Printers Ink (they had a wee accident and some of the scent fell on some cash and it must have improved the scent lol), Base notes of Moss, Oudh, Leather, Vetiver, Sandalwood, Tonka Bena, Patchouli and Amber!


Annick Goutal L’ile Aue The  (from £67 for 50ml) Fragrance family: Fresh. This is a lovely summers day scent it is zesty, clean, energising, simple but stunning and very uplifting. A real boost on a warm day .. summer in a bottle Top note of Mandarin, Heart notes of Tea Absolute, Osmanthus, Base note of White Musks.


Pierre Bourdon La Fin D’un ETE(£80 for 100ml) (please pardon my lack of French typing and all other typo’s). Fragrance family: Floral .Simple, refreshing, slightly heady and stunning. This is a warm summers day. Chilling with friends. Top note of Ginger, Heart note of Jasmine and base note of Patchouli .. sometimes that is all and everything you need … carefree and happy! Created by one of the world’s top perfumers Pierre came back one last time to do a set of the fragrances he always dreamed of creating. This is one of those Iconic Scents!


Miller Harris Cassis En Fuille (from £65 for 50ml Fragrance family: Fruity Floral. This fragrance tho very complex is beautifully made, it has had me entranced since I first sprayed it, well not straight away but as it settled onto my skin and the little piece of card i had sprayed it on caught my attention over and over. It is truly beautiful in my humble opinion. I really am in love with it! Top notes of Italian Bergamont, Galbanum, Blackcurrant, Heart notes of Egyptian Geranium, Tomato leaf, Virginia Cedarwood and musk. It just gets better and better for me. Such a truly stunning scent I cannot get enough of! Lingers beautifully on my skin and is a full bodied rich scent.

Also included in this fragrance box is an award winning AD Skin Synergy Night Treatment Facial Oil (5 ml normally £38 for 50ml)  full of essential oils of Rose, Neroli, Frankincense and Jasmine. I have used this many times before, it sinks into the skin well and left overnight to work it’s magic it gives you lovely soft, hydrated skin in the morning.

Plus there is a travel sized Couto cult toothpaste from Portugal which I have also tried, lovely fresh and minty!



As a member of Perfume Society I not only get a wealth of knowledge of fragrance and I really have learnt so much from them about what I really do like whereas before I really did not have a clue where to start!

Members get these boxes for £10 and I just find the quality, knowledge and Artisan Fragrances incredible value for my money ..

Have you tried any of the Perfume Society boxes yet?

You can find them here Perfume Society they all come beautifully packaged with info cards on everything in the box included

Bye for now folks

Nicola x

Ancienne Ambiance Amandula Goddess Soap

Hello fellow beauty bathers!


Ancienne Ambiance has a beauty range I have been in love with for a very long time, their products never cease to uplift me, they feel and smell so luxurious and your delivery package will smell like no other .. pure heavenly!!

Their soaps are al all time favourite soaps,  my almond soap smells incredible, made with almond milk it has a wonderful delicate scent of almond with a slight hint of marzipan, the scents of their soaps is intoxicating and you just know you have something very special in a simple bar of soap!


The soaps are triple milled, full of vitamins to hydrate and condition the skin, they do not strip the skin of its natural oils or dry it out, I really do love this little bar of soap a lot!

Pure white in colour it is perfect for shaving, showering to hand washing, it is so pure you can even wash your face with it!

Almond is renowned for its moisturising qualities and this soap leaves your skin lightly scented and silky soft and it will not break the bank either at £5.00 for a 100g soap it is excellent value., check out all the different varieties here Goddess Soaps


If you have not tried Ancienne Ambiance then i highly recommend that you do! Their products really do make you feel like a goddess, their floral waters are also another favourite of mine, i adore the Rose water so much i haven’t managed to get past it to try the others but the range is fantastic and so soothing on the skin, organic and the best value i have found at £20 for 300 ml Goddess Floral Waters

I could quite happily spend the rest of my days indulging in this range, you just know its such amazing quality as soon as you open your delivery box!

If you want to feel like a Goddess or want to make someone you love feel special then you have to try this range, its soaked in ancient history and bathing rituals that have been used for thousands of years … so go descent into a fragrant plume of steam, shut the door and have a truly wonderful bathing experience!


You can check out their full range of products here Bath & Body Products

Have you tried this amazing range of pure luxury products yet?

They have well and truly stolen my heart!

Bye for now

Nicola x

The Perfume Society … what was in the box!

Hey folks,

So as you know i signed up to the Perfume Society as i want to learn lots more about perfumes, their scents and to find out about what sort of scent i am drawn to. Put together by a fantastic team of experts in not only the beauty industry, they have always had a real passion for scents too. I paid a one off payment of £25 and that gets me access to a huge wealth of knowledge and expertise online too .. after that boxes are just £10 delivered!


There is so many perfumes on the market it confuses me if i go into a shop to try and buy some fragrance so these boxes will help me a lot and they are a fantastic mix of high street and designer fragrances that living way up in Portrush that i wouldn’t normally get to try!


So lets get started on what’s in the box … please remember these are my own thoughts and scents are very different for us all 🙂

The first fragrance is Miller and Harris  Fragrance Family: Chypre is a very unisex scent, it is warm sensual, this is a scent i will love wearing all winter because i think its very suitable for me and my surroundings being in a seaside town. It will warm the senses on a really cold day, i am almost getting a hint of clove or resin….something like that from this …


Lair Du Temps Fragrance Family: Floral is the perfume my first boyfriend ever bought me so for me this scent evokes memories .. sigh … oh to be 18 again and know what i know now! It is very floral, almost powdery you can just pick up the woody notes in the background, the rose, carnation and Jasmine (well i think i can lol), very fond memories this one.


Crystal Noir by Versace Fragrance: Oriental, i have been really drawn to this, its a sexy night out, its dark and beautiful, i can pick out the blackcurrant, fig, tuberose, heady Jasmine, vanilla and sandalwood. It is beautifully understated. You wear it rather than it wear you and the longer you wear it the better and better it gets!


Dali Wild-Salvador Dali Fragrance: Woody not so keen on really dry woody fragrances but it is a really light scent, beautiful for summer and daytime and a crisp white shirt or dress i think. Hmm maybe i like it better than i thought i did when i think of how or what it would go along with..


Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fragrance: Floriental initially it has that ‘statement’ maker quality to it but surprisingly it really softens down into a really nice scent. One of the first things i have always picked up with this perfume is the amber, being a resin it gives it a little bit aromatic headiness but now i can pick out the bitter orange, Jasmine and  real sweetness from the honey.


Chloe by Chloe Fragrance: Floral, i have always considered this to be a very dry scent with floral notes, like a dry white wine with a woody undercurrent, sunny days and long lunches spring to mind! This one the just is still out on, i don’t think its for me but i can imagine certain people loving it…


Atkinsons 24 Old Bond Street scent:Fresh,  Very different to all the other scents this cologne is almost shower fresh, its a very elegant  scent for someone who wants to look, sharp, clean and just showered all day long, i love cardamon and this is a really fresh modern unisex scent.


Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir scent:Gourmand, and it nearly is good enough to eat lol, with Amber, vanilla, caramel, Mandarin, strawberries, honeysuckle is is a very sweet and heady aroma, its a nightime scent that you would wear on a hot date or a good night out that would really get you noticed.


Going through the scents and all their distinctive traits has already taught me to think more about the scent and what it is telling me, when or where i would use it and why. I have really enjoyed my first lesson delving into the fragrances and learning how to wear them for different occasions, it is definitely a good journey to be on…

Did you go for the fragrance box? If so what did you think of it?

I got a lovely sample sized hand cream too, you can find out lots more about it all here


My new box arrived this morning, the London one and i am really looking forward to the insights i find from it

Bye for now

Nicola xx